How tech companies act like countries

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"This erudite analysis should be required reading."
- Publishers Weekly 

"An excellent, provocative, and even visionary book on the role of tech in traditionally government spheres of activity."
Mark Fowler, former Chair, Federal Communications Commission

"Wichowski presents a clear and unique viewpoint that integrates these seemingly inconsistent—but clearly correct—viewpoints into a coherent story that captures the problem with a nuance and constructively positive outlook I haven’t seen anywhere else.”
- Chad Mills, AI engineer 

"Eminently accessible, deeply researched exploration."
- Kirkus Reviews

"Authoritative yet accessible, friendly, and direct.”
- Washington Independent Review of Books

"Timely, compelling, and expertly researched passport to the tech companies that rule today’s digital landscape."
- Blake Harris, Console Wars

 "Wichowski offers an important framework for accessing how this new digital reality is shaping power structures, locally and globally."
- world’s first Tech Ambassador Casper Klynge (ret., Denmark); Vice President of European Government Affairs, Microsoft

"Wichowski is a wonderfully tireless investigator of the Internet’s Great Powers."
Scott Malcomson, Splinternet

"One of the most seminal & important books on the impact of Big Tech in the world today.”
- Giles Crouch, digital anthropologist