Wichowski is a public servant, teacher, and writer, recently of the book "The Information Trade: How Big Tech Conquers Countries, Challenges Our Rights, and Transforms Our World" (HarperCollins). She currently works as Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Innovation for the City of New York's Mayor's Office of the CTO. She also teaches on media, government, & technology at Columbia University's School for International and Public Affairs. Wichowski served at the US Department of State from 2010-2015. 


- Deputy Chief Technology Officer - Innovation | City of New York, Mayor's Office of the CTO

- Acting Deputy CTO - Broadband | City of New York, Mayor's Office of the CTO

- Adjunct Associate Professor |  Columbia School of International & Public Affairs



- Associate Commissioner | City of New York, Dept of Veterans' Services

- Director of Research & Communication  |  Harmony Labs 

- Director of Media Analysis & Strategy  |  US Mission to the United Nations

- Presidential Management Fellow  |  State Department Office of eDiplomacy

- Adjunct lecturer  |  SUNY Albany

- Indexer & information architect  |  Duke, Oxford, Cambridge, etc

- Webmaster  |  Inverse Theater, Michael Gold Art Gallery

- Off-off Broadway theater  |  Inverse Theater, etc   

- Disaster Relief Field Responder  |  American Red Cross 

- Actor (Mandarin-speaking)  |  鸦片战争, etc 

- Pretzel vendor  |  Martin's Pretzel's 

- Dishwasher  |  Connecticut College 


- PhD, Information Science  |  SUNY Albany College of Engineering & Applied Sciences

- BA, Chinese  |  Connecticut College 

- Fulbright  | Zhongshan University, Guangzhou



- Top Five Course Award  |  Columbia University 

- Meritorious Honor Award  |  US Mission to the UN

- Meritorious Honor Award  | Office of eDiplomacy

- Presidential Management Fellowship  |  OPM

- Distinguished Dissertation Award  |  SUNY Albany

- Women in Technology Award  |  SUNY Albany

- Fulbright Award | Guangzhou, China 

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