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All Tech is Human & The Bridge: "Big Tech, Power, and Diplomacy" with Consul General Rana Sarkar (video, podcast), 08.20


Ethos Institute (in English): "O comércio de Informações: como as Big Tech conquistam países e desafiam nossos direitos" (video), 08.20

World Affairs Council: "How Big Tech is transforming our world" with Patrick McGee, Financial Times (video) (podcast), 08.20

CSPAN Book TV (video), 03.20

BBC World News (video), 02.20


BBC Radio (audio starts at 2:15), 02.20

NPR Science Friday (audio, post), 02.20 | (audio, post) 11.17

The Good Code (podcast), 02.20

Porchlight Books, 02.20 

World Affairs (webinar), 08.20

The Blaze (audio), 02.20

"How the world's biggest tech companies regulation-proofed themselves," (op-ed) The Hill, 02.20

Q&A: Alexis Wichowski, Columbia University, 02.20


CERN Open Quantum Institute Operational Launch | A3 “Advancing Capacity Building,” Geneva, Switzerland, 03.24

"Humans in the room: how to build tech that won't kill us," FWD50, 11.23

"Combating Disinformation: Legal reforms, fact-checking, and journalism," Columbia Global Centers - Istanbul, 09.22

"Misinformation and Fake News - Costs for Companies and Society," Ethos Institute, 07.20

"The Apple Effect: Germany fears being left behind by Big Tech," Financial Times, 01.20

"Technology's Impact on the State" | Columbia Global Centers - Rio | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 11.19

"What Unites Us”: How the Angry Few Hijack Public Opinion & How Institutions Can Intervene to Save Democracy" | Brazilian Association of Organizational Communication & Public Relations Researchers | Keynote speaker, 05.19

"Social media & public service: keeping democracy smart with cute cats" | Leadership in a Challenging Century, Columbia Global Centers, 07.18

"Media & Foreign Policy"  | Foreign Policy Association's Great Decisions series, World Oregon, 02.18

UM Brasil | "Post-truth in the Information Age" | Interview, 06.17

“Technology & Citizen Engagement”  |  Columbia Lehman Dialogues, panelist, 11.15 


"How to do new things in old institutions without freaking people out," United Nations Department of Peacekeeping | Speaker, 05.21

"Changing technologies," Columbia Journal of International Affairs (podcast) | Interview, 05.21

"Governments, net states, and digital nations," The Innovation Cookbook (podcast) | Interview, 05.21

"Essential Innovation: How New York City Agencies Collaborated and Connected For COVID Response," Columbia Global Centers-Rio | Speaker (video), 06.20

"The New Convergence," CNBC | Panelist (video), 06.20

"'There are no hard problems': Simplifying complex problems for government to find low & no-tech solutions," Comunitas | Sao Paulo, Brazil, 11.19

"Developing an E-Governance Knowledge Platform for the Government of Aruba" | Capstone, Columbia, 05.19

"The Last Three Feet": Why Tech Alone Can't Save Government," Columbia Global Centers-Rio | Keynote speaker,  11.18

"Innovation in the public sector"; "Evidence-based policy making"; "Culture and organizational change" | Columbia Global Centers-Rio Public Sector Innovation Intensive, 11.18

"No one fires you for saying no": How to bring tech into change-averse bureaucracies" | Brazilian Ministry of Planning, Brasilia, Brazil, 10.17

"Hack the bureaucracy" | Google & Columbia Global Centers, Sao Paolo, Brazil | Keynote speaker, 06.17

“Effective communication (with & without tech)”  |  SIPA Executive MPA program, guest lecturer, 03,16

“Hack the bureaucracy (no tech allowed)”  |  Flashpoint Dark Web Intelligence, speaker, 04.16 

 “Intrapreneurs Changing the World from the Inside”  |  World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, panelist  




"Australia's war on Elon Musk" | ABC RN Global Roaming (podcast), "04.24

European Union Senior Envoy to the US & Consul General of Norway: "Brussels to the Bay: EU & UNHCR Election Integrity," 02.24


Geneva Science & Diplomacy Anticipator Summit & CERN | "Engaging Diplomats & Technologists on AI & Emerging Tech," 10.23

Geneva Science & Diplomacy Anticipator Summit & CERN | "Emerging Technologies & AI in the MENA Region," Geneva, Switzerland, 10.23

Geneva Science & Diplomacy Anticipator Summit & Geneva Centre for Security Policy | "Future of Peace & War," New York, NY, 06.23

Kent Global Leadership Program Executive Seminar on Conflict Resolution | “AI & Ethics,” 04.23

World Economic Forum | "Tech Diplomacy" network launch, 02.23

Swedish Foreign Ministry | "Tech diplomacy," 05.21


"Staying Ahead of The Threat: Fireside Chat with FBI Special Agent in Charge NYC" | Columbia SIPA, 10.18

"We will share until it hurts*": Diplomacy, national security & citizenship" | Lehigh University, International Relations Efron Speaker Series, 10.17

"A lyrical description of the Russian sunset: can technology prevent conflict?" | Moscow State University, guest lecturer, 04.17

"Can technology prevent conflict?" | International Conflict Resolution series, Columbia SIPA, panelist, 04.17

"Cyber 9/12" student competition | The Atlantic Council, judge, 10.16

Cyber Overview”  |  Digital & Cyber Group @ SIPA inaugural event, panelist, 01.16

"UM Brazil" Documentary  |  Technology, media, and security, interview subject, 11.15      

HK01, "Facebook and other virtual kingdoms" 12.17

NPR's Science Friday, "Should Facebook have a seat at the geopolitical table?", 11.17

"The promises and perils of e-policy" | Google & Columbia Global Centers, Santiago, Chile | Keynote speaker, 06.17

“Diplomacy in Digital Age w / US Ambassador to the UK Matthew Barzun"  |  World Leaders Forum, moderator, 11.15

Foreign policymaking in social media age”  | Roundtable on Technology, Innovation, and American Primacy, Council on Foreign Relations, panelist, 10.15 

“Digital diplomacy in the US & Russia”  |  Moscow Nuclear Research University, guest lecturer

"@DigitalDiplomacy#Really?”  |  Halifax International Security Forum, panelist 


"Tech's 'No Gods' Problem: Why we still don't have ethical algorithms" | Data Universe, 04.24 (forthcoming)


"Uncertainty, fake news & misinformation" (video) | & Google News Initiative, Sao Paulo Brazil, 11.19

"Data Science"; "Digital Transformation in Government"; "State of Technology & Society" | Insper Institute Public Sector Innovation Intensive, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 06.19

"Massive Data Collection and Automation: Preserving Individuals’ Rights" | Global Digital Futures Policy Forum, Columbia University, NY, 05.16

“Open Data and the United Nations”  |  NYU GovLab, co-organizer 



“Media Impact Convening”  |  Civic Hall, speaker, 10.15 

“TechCamp NYC: Protection of Journalists in Conflict”  |  CUNY School of Journalism & USIP, chief organizer

"Free the Press"  |  Committee to Protect Journalists & US Department of State, co-organizer

"The Unexpected Product of Mentorship at SIPA: A Shout-Out on Late Night TV," Columbia School of International & Public Affairs Admissions, 05.19

"Ajax: Theater of War" | NYC Public Artist In Residence program - Rockaway Theater Company, panelist, 04.17

School of Visual Arts Interactive Design course capstone | NYC Department of Veterans Services, client liaison, 12.17 


“Next wave of attacks: terror on the trains”  |  Halifax International Security Forum, panelist, 11.15 

“Girl Rising” & “Man Up” | US Mission to the UN, chief organizer          

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