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Assignment 1: Walking Briefing

Assignment 2: Weekly Slack Reflections

Assignment 3: Policy language -> Talking points conversion [handout, example, template

Assignment 3: Op-ed [handout, media outlets, sample of published student op-eds]

Assignment 4: "Press conference" [handout, templatepress conference tipsQ&A tips]

Assignment 5: Interview synthesis memo [memo handout, memo template; final briefing handout]


Overview: Op-ed / Writing Guide; or, Surviving the Writing

To write well: Strunk & White's Elements of Style 

To write simply: Thing Explainer / Upgoer5 Text Editor

To avoid logic traps: The Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments 

To calculate words per page: Word Counter

To convert words to speaking time: Speech in Minutes

To structure an op-ed: The Op-Ed Project

To signal transitions in writing: Signposting






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