School of International & Public Affairs​


INAF U6209 Tech & Tactics for Innovative Policymaking

or, How to Actually Get Things Done In Government

This course will equip the next generation of policymakers with the skills, strategies, and savvy they’ll need to secure lasting change in their governments. Building on a foundation that extracts practical guidance from political philosophers, the course will use behind-the-scenes case studies of how real-world policy was developed. It will also provide students with a tool kit of communication, persuasion, and political tactics that will empower them to navigate the complex and frustrating bureaucracies in any government agency or risk-averse institutions.


INAF 6382 Technology, National Security, & The Citizen

While digital technology gives governments powerful new ways to protect their citizens, it also creates powerful opportunities for abuse. To complicate matters, governments aren’t the only ones with access to these tools: technology also empowers individuals, activist groups, and non-state actors in ways that can either enhance or threaten the security of nations. This course will explore these changes, examining how digital technology is transforming the national security landscape, altering roles and power relationships for governments, citizens, and social movements.