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FALL 2023

5116 Digital Strategy & Leadership [MSc]

This course kicks off the program’s overarching purpose: to forge tech leaders with staying power. All aspects of the course will be applied to each students’ career objectives, infusing foundational knowledge with applied skills and strategies to navigate and lead in the digital age. The course starts with an overview of technology principles and practices, focusing on both technical and human influence in its development and use. With practical training on ways that  technology, psychology, and other tactics can be applied to create cultures, practices, and systems for impactful lasting change, the course explores digital transformation from the individual, team culture, societal and global levels. Course assignments consist of applied skills trainings designed to equip students with the habits of mind, skill sets, and strategies to navigate complex systems, foster empowered teams, and drive long-term and tangible change at scale.

Digital Strategy & Leadership [Executive MSc]

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